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Movies I Recommend
(I work at a video store, so I get to watch lots of movies)

*Tupac Resurrection (not out on video yet) - if you're a Tupac fan,you'll love this movie
5 stars
*Cabin Fever - this is for those that love blood & gore
3.7 stars
*Dreamcatcher - this is a must-see for horror fans. originally a book by Stephan King, Dreamcatcher has a good plot and keeps you guessing until the end
4.5 stars
*Feardotcom - this movie starts and ends good, it's a movie that catches your attention and keeps it. It has a well developed plot, and has a sort of twist at the end. mix horror and suspense together, and you get feardotcom. This movie is a gruesome mystery.
4.7 stars
*Disappearance - this movie is about a town so small it's not even on a map, and no one that goes there leaves alive. This movie is a suspense movie with an edge of horror. The director was very creative with this movie and where most movies would end, it has twists that keep it going. This movie keeps you wondering whats going to happen next.
4.3 stars

Movies that suck

*K-19 The Widowmaker - this movie sucked big time. I saw it back when it was in theaters, and started to fall asleep. It's just about a submarine that these idiots decide to see how far down in the water it can go, it can't withhold the water pressure, and water slowly gets in, they all either drown or get cancer from the radiation they were exposed to. This is a very boring and pointless movie.
0 stars
*Panic Room - This is the stupidest movie ever. From the title, you think it's going to be a good movie. But it sucks. All I could think during this movie was couldn't they have come up with a better movie to make than a movie about a lady panicing because her house was broken into??
0 stars
*House of the Dead - this movie sounds good, but has a horrible plot, and is way too predictable. This group of annoying preps goes to a deserted island to have their preppy party, and get stranded there. Zombies kill them all one by one and there's lots of screaming. All this movie is is a movie about a bunch of idiots who end up getting killed by zombies. Nothing to make it stand out of all the other thousands of zombie movies. Only thing I liked in this movie was seeing all the stupid preps die.
0.6 star
*Ghost Ship - this movie wasn't as bad as House of the Dead, but I still wouldn't recommend it. It has some good gore in the beginning, but then gets sorta boring. we gave it about 45 minutes, and it still wasn't very exciting, so we just turned it off. It would've been better if there was more suspense and action in it, and less talking.
1.8 stars