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I hate small towns
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F*ck Findlay Ohio
F*ck Findlay Ohio

I wrote this paper in early 2003 when I was still a minor and forced to live in a small town called Findlay, Ohio.


Findlay Ohio is the worst place in the world to live. I don't know why anyone would choose to live here, much less actually enjoy living here. What I really want to know is what the hell is up with all this gay "Findlay pride" bullshit. Flag city usa -what the fuck is up with that shit?
I hate this place. Findlay is the worst place ever. It feels like a whole different world, Findlay is so fuckin fucked up. All of fuckin ohio sucks, but especially Findlay. Ohio is filled with conservative rich ass republican white america. So is Findlay, but Findlay is the worst. A small little fuckin Ohio hick town with dumbasses who think this is the big city. Population 38,000. No public transportation. If you don't have money, you're shit out of luck.
I was born in Raleigh, and lived in Austin from 94 to 96, lived in New Mexico for half a year before being dragged up to Ohio with my family, where I have been trapped since 97. I love the south so fuckin much. People there are nothing like the assholes here. The north is white america, especially fuckin findlay. The south is more laid-back and hates white america.
A lot of people in this town are so sheltered, they don't even realize they're sheltered. Most people up here have no idea what the south is like. They think the entire world is like Findlay. And a lot of people here are actually hate real cities, they go around saying "oh Miami is a whole different world" like it's a bad thing dumbfucks, that's a good thing. If everywhere in the world was like Findlay, I would've killed myself a long ass time ago. I've already wasted 6 fuckin years of my life in this fuckin hell since we moved up here in 97. And in this gay state, if you try to leave, even at age 17, they call you a runaway and force you to go back to motha fuckin ohio. I hate this fuckin place. Fuck Ohio. Fuck Findlay. I hate this place so fuckin much. I've been trapped here 6 fuckin years, I've tried to leave, but in this gay state you have no rights until the day you turn 18. Absolutely no fuckin rights. My mom dragged me up here with her when I was 12, and since then I've been forced to live in this fuckin hell.
I've hated it here since the day we moved here. The first thing I noticed here was how empty this fuckin town is, how old everything is, what a small town it is. Farms just 5 miles outside of the so called city. No skyline. Country music being played in stores and hicks actually liking it. Rich white kids with huge egos. Conservative assholes. Preps. Sheltered, naive, small town rucks. Straight edge religious rucks. Everything I've ever hated is in this fuckin town called Findlay. How the ruck anyone could actually like this fuckin place, I don't fuckin know.
People here are so sheltered, closed-minded, conservative. How can anyone stand to live such a sheltered life? You look at the people in this town, they look like fuckin clones. There's no diversity, no culture, no nothing. A fuckin small town filled with fuckin white america. If you think for yourself and don't act like a fuckin sheep, you get looked down on here.
I hate the city of Findlay itself too, not just the assholes here. Can you even call this shithole a city? Only 38,000. No skyline. No public transportation. And everyone is so fuckin rich here that no one else even cares there's no public transportation. You never see anyone walking. They all get money handed down to them from mommy and daddy and get cars at age fuckin 16. Everything closes early. There's almost no traffic. There's nothing to do. And the so called downtown is over 100 years old. Everything in fuckin Findlay is either old fashioned, straight edge, or preppy. Even the so called mall here, it sucks. There's only one mall, there's nothing ghetto or even remotely urban in it, and it's filled with fuckin preps. There's really shit to do here.
This town is so stupid that I've heard preps shout things out the window of their preppy cars to the few people walking. One stupid rich white kid shouted from this stupid loudspeaker thing "don't you have money for a car?" and then he started laughing his preppy laugh with his preppy friends while they were doing what they call "cruising the curcuit." How stupid so findlay kids get? I wanna see them try that in a real city. Go try that in DC, or better yet Anacostia little rich kid. See how many long you last there stupid motha fucker.
Another thing I hate about Findlay is the so called curfew. What the fuck is up with that shit? How can this stupid town actually decide when kids have to be home by?? The fuckin city of Findlay takes away the rights that supposedly everyone is born with in this country. Stopping and questioning anyone who looks young and isn't inside before fuckin 10 pm. That's bullshit. Nobody is gonna tell me how to live my fuckin life. It's my life, fuck off Findlay.
It's pathetic how many dumbasses in Findlay actually like it here. I can't believe how proud the city is of itself. Just take a look at it shows how proud the city of find lay is of it's gay self. "Living in Hancock County offers many
benefits. The commute is short, the surroundings are scenic, the community
is friendly and the traditional family values are cherished." that's the gay bullshit they put on a website about findlay. Things they like are the same things I hate. Fuck all that family value bullshit. Why is this fuckin town so fuckin conservative and so fuckin white america??
Another thing I've noticed is that people talk too much in this fuckin town. There's too much gossip bullshit. And people never shut up. And then when they meet someone that isn't groupie like themself, someone that doesn't talk much, they act like you're weird for not talking to them and not being groupie. There are way too many groupies here. Not only do people talk too much in findlay, or ohio, or all of the fuckin north, but they're also really nosey. People are always asking questions that aren't any of their fuckin business. I wish they'd try that in the south. Try that in Compton and see what happens.
Another thing I hate about this fuckin town is how old fashioned it is. There's nothing modern. Hasn't anyone here heard of technology? Or rebuilding? I guess not. Just take a look around the so called downtown. It looks like a scene from an old movie.
Also, there's way too many fuckin conformists here, people that will do anything they are told. Fuck that shit. Fuck conformity. Get a mind of your own, think for yourself. That's something few people in Findlay know how to do, think for themselves. That's probably why so many stupid Findlay dumbfucks like Findlay, cuz they don't know how to think for themselves, and that's what Findlay likes. People here look at me because I'm different, I look at them because they're all the same. If you do everything everyone else wants you to do, then what the fuck is the point of living??


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