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I hate small towns
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F*ck Findlay Ohio

The Scary World of
Small Towns
This website is to let the world know how hellish small towns are. To give people who are lucky enough to have lived in a major city their whole life an idea of what small towns are life, and to warn everyone to stay out of small towns. For anyone who likes life in the city and enjoys urban culture, a small town is a living nightmare. Small towns are the exact oppisite of major cities in every way. Some people might think small towns are simply small and that nothing else about them is different. Well if you've ever been in a small town, you would know what I mean when I say they're like another planet. Not only is there nothing to do and is there no skyline in small towns, but the people are like aliens. They all look, dress, talk, walk, and even think the same. They're ultra conservative, along with very closed minded. If anyone has an opinion of their own, they're criticized and put down. You're not even given a chance. They don't like anyone who has different ideas than their own, and they won't even give you a chance to explain anything, they think they're right and everyone that doesn't think like them is stupid. They think people from major cities are rude, and will try to change you. If you don't act like them, you're ignored or even have people talk about you behind your back. If you don't like them, they think you don't like anyone. They don't realize how different their small town world is. When you're in a small town you feel as if you've went back about 50 years. All the buildings are old, there's no skyscrapers, and people's ideas are very old fashioned.
If that sounds bad to you, that's just the beginning. There's so many things about small towns that make them a nightmare for anyone that likes the city. It's going to take a lot of work for me to put everything I hate about small towns on this website, but I'm going to try to put as much on here as I can. I'm hoping to save others the misery of living in a small town. If you have kids, you especially shouldn't move to a small town. If you're in a major city and your kids are happy there, don't ever make your kids live in a small town. I know from experience it's the worst thing you can do to a kid. My family moved to a small town in Ohio when I was 12 and from the day we got there I begged my mom to leave. She never got around to it, so I moved the month I turned 18. That was July 2003. I'm living in DC now and very happy to be here, but as weird as it sounds, I still have nightmares about Findlay, Ohio. I was forced to waste 6 years of my life there and hated every day of it. I felt like I was an alien, I didn't belong there. But now here in DC I feel like this is where I belong, this is where my people are. The thing is, after being unhappy for 6 years, it feels weird being happy. Normally I don't go around telling the world my feelings like this, but I just want to warn others not to move to a small town, and especially don't move to one if you have kids, that's something they will never totally get over.
Anyway, I'm going to keep adding things to this page, and soon I'm going to put things on here to prove how bad small towns are.

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